About Us

Everyone is a world changer! ENTERNEL Apparel and accessories was created with the intention to spread that message.

The founder, Jamelle Robertson, went through years of personal growth and struggles trying to figure out his purpose to life. He would come to realize that the purpose for all of us is to help each other.

He believes that we have a duty and responsibility to learn and teach but more importantly to do it out of love. “Operating from love and above is what we are here to do. But we first have to do that for ourselves before we can do it for others.”

He learned through his struggles that in order to change the world, we must first change ourselves and stop blaming other people for our successes and failures. “Of course others play a part in our everyday lives but you have take responsibility for the things that you do regardless of what others do to you.”

ENTERNEL Apparel and accessories was built around the following six principles; Love, Self-awareness, positivity, encouragement, community and conscious awareness and everyone that wears the apparel and accessories from ENTERNEL is a warrior for the cause. “We all have a part to play in this world. I’m finally doing mine.”